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Leveraging the Economic Value

of GDPR Investment

in Germany

  - Free seminar in Düsseldorf - 

Date:3rd, May 2019 (Fri.) 13:30-16:00

*Includes 30 min of socializing time


What are the correlations between

the history of Privacy & Security in Germany & German's emotional feeling toward it?

And what really is the economic value of GDPR investment in Germany?

According to a report published in January 2019 by one of the biggest American IT companies, 59% out of 3206 corporates in the world are already meeting all or most of GDPR's requirements. From this report, we can determine that corporates’ have a strong interest in complying with this new regulation.


On the other hand, the level of implementation is often only at the superficial level and the process itself is negatively affecting multinational companies’ corporate efficiency due to the difference of philosophy in privacy & data management across different regions and countries.


The foundation of the GDPR is significantly rooted in Germany’s history and culture in privacy & security management. Understanding Germany’s standard privacy and security policies is the first thing to do to achieve genuine GDPR management without causing any organizational inefficiencies and misunderstandings.


In this seminar, we are going to present how GDPR is related to German culture and what needs to be done to earn trust from German local stakeholders (also the most influential member of the EU) through GDPR implementation. And ultimately, we will discuss the economic values of GDPR investment in Germany interactively.



  Jacquelyn Reeves 

Jacquelyn came to Berlin more than 20 years ago from Kansas City, USA and has been developing her professional career as an intercultural management trainer, consultant, and coach. While providing her professional services in those areas to German and American multinational companies in Germany, she realized the philosophy of privacy & security management significantly varies depending on where their home countries are. Ever since then, she has been putting her passions in finding the causality between cultural background and privacy & security management taking several multinational companies such as Facebook and Google as examples and utilizing her findings in her privacy & security management consultancy.



Masami Kanaguri

Masami is an experienced talent development specialist who has excellent training / coaching abilities and the understanding of how to identify corporate HRD needs. His global career started as an expatriate (MD) of a Japanese manufacturing company in Denmark where more than 10 different nationalities were employed. Under the diversified environment, he strove to enhance employees' competency levels to create a competitive manufacturing entity and be able to supply highly reliable products constantly and in a timely manner to the entire European market. Leveraging on his international exposure, he currently conducts various consulting, training & coaching projects in order to expand global leaders' horizons and maximize their potentials in a multi-national corporate environment. Masami is an MBA at Copenhagen Business School and ACC at International Coach Federation.

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  • History of Data & Security in Germany

  • Contrast with USA and Japan

  • What happened in the past in Germany?

  • Cultural values of Germans, Americans, and Japanese

  • How each country’s cultural values affect the philosophy of data & security management. (With some examples)

  • GDPR concept initiated from Germany and why?​

  • Economic values of GDPR Investment

  • Our solutions in GDPR investment & Cross-Cultural management

Target Audience

Business professionals in IT department, HR department, Compliance department especially in Japanese companies in Germany.

Date:3rd, May, 2019 : 1:30 pm - 4:30pm
*There will be ca. 3o minutes of social gathering after 2 hours of seminars. 
Fee:Free(Max. 25 people)
*Applications will be closed once all seats are taken.
* Presentation slides will be in bilingual in English & Japanese
Place :

 Central Düsseldorf area

* A seminar room close to either central station or Steinsstr./Königsalee station.

* Address for the seminar room will be sent to participants a week before the seminar

Application Deadline:26th, April, 2019 (Fri.)

For any inquiries, please contact Horizon Consulting office at

Tel:+49 176 5981 8932(English or Japanese)or

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