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Team / Collaborators 

Masami Kanaguri - Owner

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Masami is an experienced talent development specialist who has excellent training / coaching abilities and the understanding of how to identify corporate HRD needs.


His global career started as an expatriate (MD) of a Japanese manufacturing company in Denmark where more than 10 different nationalities were employed. Under the diversified environment, he strove to enhance employees' competency levels to create a competitive manufacturing entity and be able to supply highly reliable products constantly and in a timely manner to the entire European market. 


Leveraging on his international exposure, he currently conducts various consulting, training & coaching projects in order to expand global leaders' horizons and maximize their potentials in a multi-national corporate environment.

Faiza Ikeda

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Faiza Ikeda is an intercultural consultant and trainer, an expert in managing cultural diversity. Using her global business skills and a cross-cultural know-how Faiza helps global teams be more successful.

Faiza’s professional experience includes working for over 15 years as an executive coach, intercultural trainer and consultant for managers in a number of top 10 DAX companies such as Bayer, BMW, Daimler, Deutsche Post, Bosch, Siemens, Telecom etc. , and also has had a privilege of working with leaders from several leading Japanese corporations in electronics, automotive and pharmaceutical industry.  

She possesses an extensive background in adult learning and facilitation, learner support and counseling.

Jacquelyn Reeves


Jacquelyn Reeves is the lead designer and developer of the Privacy and Security  Training and Consulting concept.  Working as an intercultural consultant examining facebook through communication styles and value systems, Ms. Reeves found the conflict online that needs to be solved:  what is privacy and security and who has it?  And the bigger question:  What can we do to align privacy and security values to create a world where business can be developed, data can be securely shared and people feel safe online? Jacquelyn aims to provide customized answers to these questions through high-quality and technologically empathetic consulting. 

Experienced in working internationally with people in transitional and high-pressured situations and environments, Reeves 3C provides a broad array of services designed to provide long-term benefit, sustainability of human resources, customer and employee satisfaction as well as positive effect on the company’s financial stability.


Kay Yano

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Kay is founder & CEO at Interacthub GmbH, a Berlin based decentralised business collaboration platform supporting international business co-creation with entrepreneurs and enterprises. Prior coming to Berlin he used to work in cloud computing field over 12 years in Japan, APAC and the US.  


At Google he was in charge of corporate-cloud products service distribution and marketing, business development with giant telecommunication companies in Japanese market. Prior to Google he worked for as CRM consultant to support SMEs & Startups how to utilize cloud technologies into business. Kay holds MBA from IE Business School.

Marcella Bremer


Marcella is an organizational culture & change specialist who delivers the best solutions to leaders, middle managers, supervisors, HR professionals, OD consultants, and employees to develop a positive culture at work.


Over the 20 years of professional experience, she supported numerous companies to change their organizational cultures from where they are to where they truly want to be and succeeded in creating positive, agile, innovative, competitive, collaborative and productive organizations by means of  various training, consulting, and coaching approaches. Her contributions are world widely recognized after she became one of the top 30 Global Gurus on Organizational Culture.


She is also an author of "Developing a Positive Culture where People and Performance Thrive". and “Organizational Culture Change: Unleash your Organization’s Potential in Circles of 10

Susanne Taylor


Susanne has deep experience in supporting international teams during times of change and growth. Her focus is on empowering teams and their leaders to leverage their diversity to become high performing.


Susanne’s career has spanned her work in Japan as an intercultural communication teacher at the Komaki Self-Defense Base to projects with global companies in Europe. Her work with teams at giants like Microsoft, Siemens, and Allianz fostered excellence in virtual communication and increased employee engagement.


With the rapid increase in the speed of change, Susanne currently works with the principles of modern agility, positive change, and collective intelligence. She uses her experience and passion to coach and consult global leaders on how to more fully engage and empower their teams to leverage their diversity towards surprising and sustainable results.

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