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‘’ ZEN'' meditation practice  

~ Be mindful in the current stressful time of the COVID-19 pandemic ~

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Stress in new normal 

The stress and worries are a part of our life and they are something we cannot get away completely. In the current time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the level of them tends to be higher, and there is no precedent of navigating this uncertainty perfectly. If we do not manage them well, our view becomes too narrow to think about ‘’happiness’’ and ’’bright future’’. In other words, we lose our ‘’mind’’. 


In order to increase  ‘’ mindfulness’ ’ , Japan has developed the philosophy of ‘’ Zen’’, taking nearly 500 years of time. It is all about the respect of ‘’Wabi = Simpleness’’ and ‘’ Sabi = Silence’’.


Being Mindful through Zen-meditation

In this workshop, we invite, Naoki Nakagawa, the CEO of Rjuna LLC, as an instructor of ''Zen-meditation''. During the 90-minutes workshop, he is going to share not only the foundation of Zen concept but invite all the participants to practice '' Zen way of meditation''.


At the end of the workshop, you will gain more confidence in living in this difficult time and enhance the feeling of being happy, empathetic, and appreciative as well as reducing the anxiety level you own now.


  •  Introduction of Zen

  • The respect of Wabi (Simpleness) & Sabi (Silence)

  • Zen-Past examples

  • Za-Zen (Zen meditation) practice (1st round)

  • Reflection of mindfulness

  • Za-Zen(Zen meditation) practice (2nd round)

  • Final reflection of mindfulness 

Zen in TokyoPicture1.png
Za-Zen practice seminar in Tokyo  (2017)
Horizon Consulitng - Zen meditation
Webinar(ZOOM) - Za-Zen practice   (2020)
​This event is for:​
  • Anyone in pursuit of managing/mitigating/dealing with the increased stress level.

  • Anyone interested in learning about the basics of Zen-meditation method.

  • Anyone in pursuit of enhancing mindful level


Naoki Nakagawa ( B.S Buddhism )  / CEO Rjuna LLC , 

Representative of Rjuna LCC. Majored in Buddhist studies at university, where he received Zen instructions, and continues his practice and philosophical research till now.

After graduating from university, he worked with a major global Japanese company, JAL Academy, an HR development and training company associated with Japan Airlines. During the period, he experienced two M&As. Although the M&As made the organization complexed in governance, he regarded the changes as opportunities for Zen practice and kept his well-being steadily. Consequently, he achieved the year target and received award from the new management team.

After founding Rjuna LCC, he regularly holds Zen seminars and trainings as well as collaborates and explores his further Zen practice with SotoZen *.


* SotoZen: A Buddhist sect that has been around for 500 years. Apple's former CEO, Steve Jobs, has also been heavily influenced by Soto-Zen.


Masami Kanaguri

Founder of Horizon Consulting.  His global career started as an expatriate (MD) of a Japanese manufacturing company in Denmark where more than 10 different nationalities were employed. Under the diversified environment, he strove to enhance employees' competency levels to create a competitive manufacturing entity and be able to supply highly reliable products constantly and in a timely manner to the entire European market. Leveraging on his international exposure, he currently conducts various consulting, training & coaching projects in order to expand global leaders' horizons and maximize their potentials in a multi-national corporate environment. Masami is an MBA at Copenhagen Business School and PCC at International Coach Federation.

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Language:English & Japanese ( All Japanese will be translated in English by an interpreter)
 ・1st time : 15 EUR / person
・for repeaters : 7.5 EUR / person (50% off)
*VAT included
Things to prepare : an armless chair with no casters OR a  floor mat ( see below)
Max. number of ppts / session:30 
Webinar tool : ZOOM
     *After registration and payment confirmation, Zoom URL will be sent to your registered E-mail address.

For any inquiries, please contact  Horizon Consulting Office

Tel:+49 176 5981 8932(English or Japanese) or send message at '' Let's Chat!'' at the bottom right of this page.

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